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15/04/2021 को प्रकाशित
, A 6-Episode Original Drama Series.

Trailer Link: inplans.info/first/gZbYy3OFxZ-ln4E/v-iy
E01 First Night Link: inplans.info/first/Yrmwl5mPo6uRdK8/v-iy
E02 OK Uncle Link: inplans.info/first/pLzclGKAqZato4E/v-iy
E03 Bachelor Again Link: inplans.info/first/es6n2Yepk5Z-oKc/v-iy
E04 Are You Married Link: inplans.info/first/ntqoj2Nsm9mdd5E/v-iy
E05 Baby Wife's Birthday Link: inplans.info/first/eK6zx2FqrdilaZs/v-iy
E06 30 First Night Link: inplans.info/first/dMfSu4qGrc6SfYE/v-iy

Produced by - Anurag - Sharath
Directed by - Prithvi Vanam
Written by - \u0026 Manoj P
Cinematography - Prathyaksh Raju
Editing \u0026 Designing - Tarak Sai Prathik
Music - Jose Jimmy
Vocals - Deepa Palanad
Guitars \u0026 Bass - Sandeep Mohan
Nadaswaram - Ok Gopi
Chorous and vocal arrangements - Jose Jimmy
Mix \u0026 Mastering - Kishan Sreebal
Music composed, arranged and programmed by - Jose Jimmy
Cast: Chaitanya Rao, Ananya, Mahendar, Divya, Veerabhadram, Sri Kumari.

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  • New episode every sunday starting from May 2nd :)

  • Ma age gap anthe

  • Na mardal ki naku same age gap 😉😌

  • నాకు ముడ్డి కింద 35 ఏళ్ళు వచ్చాయి నాకింకా పెళ్లి కాలేదు.. అవుతుందో లేదో కూడా గ్యారెంటీ లేదు... అయినా బతికేస్తున్న హాయిగా

  • release in hindi or english dub please.

  • Looks like this channel is going to be another TVF

  • Age is just an number . understanding is important .

  • So sad season was completed 😢

  • BGM 🔥🔥

  • Nice.. Ur concept... Guy's... I want job... Waiting for a job...

  • Hey brooo season 2 thoraga thiyandii broooo waiting for season 2 early . And story ithea crazy story brooo and am big fan for meghana verea level acting and its not her acting it looks like her original character and behavior. A mature girl with childishness🥰😍😍😍😍

  • Religion date sari

  • people are creating so many hurdles for match Age height etc., etc., and finally ....... so slight compromise is always better

  • Super

  • Ashaangi fans assemble💜

  • Nice story

  • Nice ending

  • Who are here after watching finale episode??

  • చాలా బాగుంది సంభాషణలు నాచురల్

  • Eppatlo kuda chalamandi 9 years gap lo marages chesukuntunaru kada

  • After this 6 episode... We need continuation

  • Super undhi series

  • Who are here after 5 episodes

  • Intha bagha ela hit eyindi nakeam ardham kavatiledu

  • INplans promise last episode tears guarenteed🎉

  • This can be a movie again -

  • Wat A performance by Miss Ananya u have cute smile

  • Episodes chusaka trailer chusthunnavallu unnara😊

  • 1:20 Na jeevitam oka samudram, andulo uppu na daridram...😂😂

  • Music kk guru iddaru acting superb Manchi content undi

  • Waiting...........

  • Ye maya chesave cinema samantha ki akka first 4 episodes.

  • Guys when would be the remaining series r launching ...till now only 5 series launched 🙄

  • Hero exoressions so cute also he is like victary venkatesh maghana exp abviously superb so nice clean web series for ever every one so nice acting bangaram,karthik,jessy . Ilanti series movies inka ravali Lets encourage them not discorage

  • Super baby I love you 💓 💓

  • E episode so Hyailet okka megana cheppina i love ❤ okkate Megathathi antha sooddeeee

  • I married at the age of 21 to 30 years guys madi kuda elanti love story, pakka love story madi

  • Super webseries all the best for team girl formula

  • Please launch hindi episodes. Most of them not know Telugu Language. But interested in watching episodes

  • Welcome....🙏🙏🙏

  • Nice

  • Super

  • Arey length penchandi chai bisket vallaki unna rogam enti ante manchi stuff evvagalaru like kalyan ani oka webseries danni eppativarku dekale anduke wirally ki adhi ledu full stuff estaru but wirally kanna chai bisket content baguntundi. Music thop chai bisket lo

  • Naa gf ki pelli ayipoyindi.. So naaku thana lyf ela untundo daggara nunchi chudalanna korika... Ee web series ni chusaaaka.. As it is thane gurthochhindi...

  • Nicee

  • I loved it

  • Please dubb in hindi to.....

  • Already shooting ayipoyindhi kadha. Mari weekly oka episode yendukura release cheyyadam. Control chesukokapothunnam dude. 11.30 avutondhi inka release cheyyaledu. Miru mi timing lu Are entra edhi.....

  • bhaya 10 ayindhi ga enka raledhu , timing sns ledha meku ? idiots

  • Anna 5th episode

  • Arey jaffas 5th episode release chy bey

  • hello brother where is next episode

  • Inko vishyam cheppali ante naadi same kakapote 30 weds 19 chustunte naku thrilling ga Anipinchindi

  • Annanya chintanya yacting feel good episodes prati caroctor excellent inka episodes chala ravali 100 episodes chesukovalani

  • My mother is 9 yrs younger than my father. My uncle is 10 yrs older than his wife and there are many marriages in our family with some of them having 15 yrs gap . And all of them living happily . So i don't think age matters

  • I'm 25 n my hubby is 39 I never felt dat so called age difference for our love he is more caring n mature then me , I don't think age is a problem for falling in love with ur love

  • Ante pelli aina taruvatha kuda feelings set avakapothe inka anthe damel ahhh relationship

  • Atleast 2 episode auna veyandii weekly weekend varku aagalem

  • Web series aah leka movie ahh simply osm yaar😍😍

  • In Episode 5 can expect lot of variations 😀

  • Super episode

  • Chaitanya acting superb

  • Y only annanya did u chose for this series any reason???

  • Sari lo ammaye super but face medha bottu vunte inka super ga vundedhe

  • Heroin challa over action la undi

  • I want Tamil transatlantic this series I can understand language so Tamil translate this series

  • ఇది ఏ ott plat form plz tel me

  • Change the Title bro 30 vs 21👍

  • Ammai nuv supper

  • That guy's crying scene is a great scene

  • In this web series heroine character name evaraina cheppandi frds pls.,............

    • @Bodagala sujatha adhi web series lo charecter name i want that girl original name

    • Meghana

    • Ananya. Search on google Ananya chai bisket you'll get her insta

  • ముడ్డి కిందకు ముప్పై ఏళ్ళు ' ఈ టైటిల్ కూడా 👍

  • Excellent dialogue

  • Excellent diolog

  • Why Indians love love stories and romance genre? That's because love, romance and sex are missing in their lives due to arranged marriages. In India still 90% of the marriages are arranged and inter-caste. Since love, romance and sex are deprived in Indian youngsters they love to watch love, romance on big screen or TV. In the name of culture love, romance and sex are deprived to control and destroy youngsters during prime learning age though movies and tv series are full of it. All the countries which cherish virginity are poor. check for yourself

    • Inter caste meaning marriages between different castes lol which doesn't happen much in India. Stay away hater.

  • Music and bgm super

  • Same pelli chupulu. Movie neee

  • I dont want to see it...b'coz of some recent web series s/w developer,surya...those are too dramatic...but this trailer and their performance is impressive.

  • Who are here after watching webseries😂😂😂

  • Jimmy bro music 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌bgm hsm..............

  • The music from 1:36 is just awesome😍😍

  • ithanu 40 la unnadu 30 kadhu

  • Ananya she’s nice Actress

  • No words to say simply superb. All the charecters looks they are leading real life.superb superb loved it 😀

  • I think episode 5tells starts scoldings of love 💕

  • Trailer ye... adhiripoyindhi

  • Hii hero u r looking like satya hero Heroin u looking like a princes some time u looking like more than

  • What is the problem of him Only age 🙄 That's not a problem but nice concept

  • Music super

  • English subtitles please 😔☺️

  • Waiting for next episode pls upload as soon as fast we are waiting for that😁

  • Vere level

  • Bro release audio album separately

  • 90s manam bang cock bengsdam kaka😂vadu marriage movies,web series lo chupinchinatu ayte vundadu dinosaur notlo thala petinatu vuntundi

  • Bagundandi Very Nice ❤️

  • He was there in Premam movie

  • 👍👍ekada bore kodatham ledhu I am happy . All the best team andarikiiiii

  • చైతన్య వాయిస్, అండ్ అనన్య వాయిస్ సూపర్బ్ అసలు👌

  • Simply superb👌... మూవీస్ కన్నా వెబ్ సిరీస్ నే చాలా బావున్నాయి❤️

  • Super super 😂🤝